What Makes FLO~PRO Different?

We make our exhaust systems stronger where they need to be the strongest with machined turbo flanges. Most of our systems come with a machined flange that matches perfectly to your stock or aftermarket turbo.

The alternative construction of a turbo flange is to over expand the pipe and flare it out. We used to do that, but that process created a weak spot in the 16ga steel and often had to replace downpipes for damages caused by stress and vibrations off the turbo. If you order a FLO~PRO kit, your turbo clamp will thank you!

Why would you buy a system that only has 1" of weld holding the hangers on? Your truck works as hard as you do and hangers take a beating. We machine all our exhaust hangers to contour to the shape of the pipe. This allows us to apply a longer bead of weld to the hanger to greatly reduce hanger failure. Where there was once one inch (1") of weld before, now we have 6-7" of weld on our hangers. Using alternative hanger clamps causes unnecessary stress and added time to installing your kit. The clamps don't typically have a whole lot of surface area to weld, so we try and avoid using them as much as possible.

Exhaust pipes were made round, they should stay that way! FLO~PRO includes lapjoint style clamps in every kit we sell. Lapjoint clamps keep the pipe round and have two (2) independent bolts that need to be torqued to 50lbft for an everlasting hold. Since the exhaust is not being damaged by saddle clamps or u-bolt clamps, modifications down the road are made simple. If your pipe has been damaged by a saddle clamp, you could end up having to replace your entire exhaust system.

Another bonus is that if you order a stainless exhaust system, we include stainless clamps. Sure, aluminized clamps are cheaper and do the same thing, but you ordered a stainless exhaust! Everything is stainless from the flange, clamps, hanger and even the weld.

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